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Arudio Studio – Pottery Making in Singapore

This was our first-time giving pottery making a go and we had such a fantastic time! There are 2 techniques when it comes to pottery making:Hand BuildingWheel ThrowingWhat's the difference between the 2 techniques, you may ask? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Hand building is

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Avant Garde 2

Avant Garde – Art Jamming in Singapore

Avant Garde is an art studio nestled in Katong Shopping Centre. The studio has a cosy vibe with beautiful paintings hung around the walls that help to get the creative juices flowing. Fun Fact: Avant Garde is originally a French

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Heaven Spot

Heaven Spot – Graffiti Painting in Singapore

In Singapore, many – if not most – of us have never had the exposure to the joy and thought that goes into graffiti and other forms of visual art. The scarcity of such creative outlets here has inhibited our

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Ransack Puzzle Hunt – The King’s Feast

The King’s Feast puzzle hunt at Chinatown was a splendid experience with plenty of thrills and spills from start to finish. After an introductory briefing from our facilitator, we set off to explore various landmarks to find the clues to

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Ultimate Guide to Christmas Dining: Where to Eat Christmas Dinner in Singapore in 2020

From Christmas dinners to lunch buffets, and festive afternoon teas, you won’t go hungry with our ultimate guide of where to eat Christmas dinner in Singapore Cooking up a big traditional Christmas dinner in this heat ain’t for the faint

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Singapore Pipeline Trail

This is popularly know as the pipeline trail, as it traces the water pipelines from Johor into Singapore.  This route actually have some educational value on the scarcity of water in Singapore.  Armed with 3 litres of water and some

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