Our Story

‘Sparks’ was conceived from the personal experience of the founders. Planning meaningful dates is a time consuming process. We have had to scour social media and visit countless blogs before stumbling across a decent date idea. Often, we ended up doing the same activities week-in, week-out such as heading to cafes or cinemas. We felt that this resulted in our relationship losing some of its “spark”.

We then made a conscious decision to plan fulfilling and innovative dating experiences. This definitely did connect us better with our partner and strengthened our relationship. We want other couples in Singapore to embark on similar journey to re-ignite the ‘spark’ in their relationship.

Our Mission

At Sparks, we are on a mission to make dating for couples exciting again. Through gamification of the dating experience, partnering with a myriad of quality merchants and fostering a community, we seek to create the most fulfilling and innovative experiences for couples.