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What couples say about Sparks


Simply love the Sparks app! It has made planning dates a breeze.

Gone are the days of having to scroll through blogs and social media to find a nice place for a romantic date.

Derreck Tan

With a wide array of activities to suit our preferences and mood, my partner and I have started taking turns to plan dates with different activities. I can confidently say that Sparks lives up to its name – it has added plenty of sparks to my relationship!

Pei Ling

The interface of the Sparks app has made it much easier for me to plan my dates with my boyfriend! I previously used to spend hours thinking of fun dates. Now I can do that in less than 10 mins with Sparks.  This is exactly what couples need!


I never knew there were so many interesting things for couples to do in Singapore. Previously, most of my dates involved going to cafes and watching movies. Thanks to Sparks, my partner and I have been trying new activities like archery and pottery!