Avant Garde – Art Jamming in Singapore

Avant Garde – Art Jamming in Singapore

Avant Garde is an art studio nestled in Katong Shopping Centre. The studio has a cosy vibe with beautiful paintings hung around the walls that help to get the creative juices flowing.

Fun Fact: Avant Garde is originally a French term and means work or people that are experimental / unconventional relative to the times. 

Going into the session, both of us were hesitant as neither of us had held a brush since Primary School (I confess that I had gotten my Mum to do my Art & Crafts homework in Primary School). Thankfully, Dani, Mario and Yosua were extremely generous in helping us get to speed with the basic painting techniques. What also stood out was that these gentlemen were extremely passionate about art and were keen in nurturing the local art scene.  

Avant Garde 2

Avant Garde 2

You can find our masterpieces below (hey, beauty is in eye of the beholder!) I started off trying to mimic Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night and you can see how that turned out.

My partner on the other hand was trying to paint one of the quaint towns (Nafplion) that she had visited in Greece (don’t be scared to visit the town just because of her painting haha) 

avant garde

(The painting on the left looks better obviously) 

Honestly, our paintings would have turned out worse if not for the intervention of Dani and Mario who were quick to help us on our brush selection or share ideas to improve the consistency of our paintings.


Overall, we had an amazing afternoon Art Jamming at Avant Garde and would strongly recommend it as a date activity for couples! 

Tip: Have an idea of what you would like to paint beforehand and do not be overly ambitious! 

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