Heaven Spot – Graffiti Painting in Singapore

Heaven Spot – Graffiti Painting in Singapore

In Singapore, many – if not most – of us have never had the exposure to the joy and thought that goes into graffiti and other forms of visual art. The scarcity of such creative outlets here has inhibited our ability to truly express ourselves through art.


This is why the opportunity to let our creative juices flow on a large, blank canvas at Heaven Spot was such an exhilarating one! Following our ‘Double Trouble’ activity, we came to the following conclusion – be it our greatest fears or our deepest aspirations, graffiti allows us to manifest our thoughts and brings many of our emotions to life. This is why we feel that it is must-try activity for so many of us who have not had the chance to experience the liberation that comes with the freedom of artistic expression.




After a quick briefing from the Heaven Spot crew and donning our PPE (all of which are sanitised and included in the package), we proceeded to get to work on our 24ft2 surface for the next hour. Considering that this was the first time we got to experience the feeling of running wild with our artistic imagination ourselves, we went all-out in our efforts and used a plethora of colours and techniques (which the guys at Heaven Spot kindly taught) to do up our own canvas. To add to the mood, we were also provided with free beers!


Heaven Spot


Overall, the graffiti packages at Heaven Spot are a truly special activity which enables us to try out something which is vastly different from the norm. During these testing times when all of us are spending so many hours at home, trying our hand at graffiti might just be the very thing that we need to let go of all our emotions and express ourselves in a way which we never have!